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How to Rent a Limo or Party Bus in Pasadena, California

Renting a limo or party bus in Pasadena, CA is made easy with Magic coach Transportation. Everyone

has seen the big black party buses driving around Pasadena but few people have ever had to rent one.

This process is so easy. Highlighted below is a list of things to know before renting a limo or party bus

and some good questions to ask:

1. The first thing you want to do is differentiate the good companies from the bad. If you search on

Google for Keyword “rent a party bus”, you might find lots of cheap alternatives from

companies who do not own their vehicles. The keyword here is CHEAP. Limo and Party Bus

brokers are not advisable. A good place to start is on yelp: to differentiate the

great companies from the heartless bad companies.

2. Know the difference between a Limo/Party Bus Broker vs. Party Bus Company. A party bus

broker will lease you a vehicle then search around to various companies to find the cheapest

limo bus so to maximize their profit. These are the horror stories you hear of. Prom bus and

wedding transportation ruined by buses not showing up or not looking like the bus on the online

pictures or just total bus beaters arriving and embarrassing you in front of your colleagues.

Avoid this situation by asking the company if, a) they possess their vehicles b) to send you

photos of the real vehicle you will get.

3. Request a Quote: The fastest way to get a price quote is to call- don’t be deterred if you have to

leave a message. You don’t have to leave a long message. Transportation companies want your

business and they will call you back ASAP. Details you might want to leave on the message:

Name, Phone #, Date you are inquiring about, number of people in group and activity i.e.

wedding, Pasadena Brewery Tour, Temecula Wine Tour. You will have to repeat this information

when they call you back so keep it short and direct.

4. Every company has its policy on a deposit. Now that you have found a reputable company with a

vehicle available at the date, time and price you want, you will need to know the deposit

amount and the cancellation policy. Some companies will let you pay in full at the time of pick

up, others will ask for a deposit and others will want to charge 100% when the reservation is


5. Tell your friends to arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour ahead of time so you are not wasting your party

bus time waiting for that one friend who has never been on time in his/her life.

6. Bring a cooler to cool your drinks.

7. Music- Pick someone to be the DJ before getting on the bus. DJ is a tough job. Pick someone

who goes with the trend with music and has music on their phone without commercials.

8. Alcohol- Be careful of alcohol.

9. Tipping- If your driver has worked hard to get you satisfied, you show them that you appreciate

them by offering them a 20% tip. Industry-standard is (15-20%).

10. Write a review of your experience on yelp, Google+ or share your good times on Facebook,

Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

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